Collection of 10,000 Chuck NFTs 

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Dear Voyagers,

I am an Explorer. I am a Lifestyle. 

Yet, above all, I am the brand of a spirit  distilled  from Rkatsiteli Grapes native to the country  of  Georgia.

Not  to mention my mystical color of a natural  Black Carrot  blended with  the  authentic flavor. 

Please,  feel  free to enter my strange voyage to  the universe of excitement. 

Do not  forget  to Drink Responsibly to enjoy the Voyage! 

Best Discoveries, 

Charles Rullo 

P.S. Please, call me Chuck!




Name: Charles

Preferred Name: Chuck

Surname: Rullo

HIS: 220820

Alcohol by Volume: 40%

Country of Birth: Georgia

Date of Birth: 25.12.2020


How to drink


As a smooth and silky shot

On the flavor rich rocks

Balanced with Cocktails and Mixes

Best Served cold


Chuck & Rose LEmonade
50 ml Chuck
150 ml Rose Lemonade 
Best with Ice and Basil

Chuck Sour
50 ml Chuck
25 ml Lime Juice
20 ml Simple Syrup
15 ml Egg White
Shake with ice and strain into a glass
Best garnished with Orange and Blueberry




Chuck & Tonic
50 ml Chuck
150 ml Tonic Water 
Best with Ice and Berries

Bon Voyage!