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After numerous experiments and endeavors to modernize Chacha, a traditional Georgian grape pomace brandy, we pushed the boundaries even further and developed a unique grape spirit recipe. This extraordinary concoction fuses distilled Rkatsiteli grapes, native to Georgia (the country, not the state), with the distinctive essence of Black carrot.

The culmination of our passion and dedication materialized on December 25, 2020, when we proudly launched Charles Rullo — an exciting lifestyle alcoholic beverage that has been causing ripples ever since.

Charles Rullo

Our brand is all about a peculiar excitement, infused into every sip! Imagine this — a dark, enigmatic drink that exudes mysticism and emanates the fragrance of a flavor-packed adventure. But here’s the kicker, it goes down so smoothly that you'd hardly believe it packs a punch at a hefty 40% ABV!

You know how inspiration strikes out of nowhere? Well, we got hit by the most strangely exciting one — space! Yep, the cosmos ignited our thoughts, and we also wanted to pay homage to Georgia, the birthplace of Charles Rullo. That’s when we stumbled upon Chakrulo, a Georgian folk song. And guess what? It rhymes with Chuck Rullo. Thus, Charles Rullo is the full name, yet it's affectionately referred to as Chuck among our favorite bartenders. Chuck has been a popular choice among the leading bars in Georgia for the past two years, and its popularity is well-founded.


Versatile Drink

Most alcoholic beverages tend to center their marketing on specific occasions or particular consumption methods to facilitate sales. However, Charles Rullo stands apart with its distinct superpower — the ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse forms and events. Whether you relish it as a smooth shot, savor its flavor over ice akin to whiskey, or employ it as an ideal foundation for creating a myriad of cocktails, Charles Rullo perfectly suits any setting. Its versatility renders it a favored option for those desiring a delightful drinking experience, regardless of the ambiance.


Chuck on the rocks

Charles Rullo is not just a fantastic choice; it also elegantly tangoes with tonic. Chuck & Tonic is a treat for the eyes and an even greater delight for your taste buds. Chuck also pairs harmoniously with various other mixers. On May 26th, why not explore a twist on the classic Cuba Libre by infusing Chuck with Cherry Cola? It's a superb way to commemorate Georgia's Independence Day.


Chuck Sour

Charles Rullo is not only versatile with mixers, but it also opens up a world of creativity when it comes to cocktails. Forget Moscow Mule; instead, substitute vodka with Chuck, add a pinch of Spirulina, and enjoy Magdana’s Donkey. Meet Chuck Roni, a cousin of Negroni, featuring grape spirit instead of Gin. And if you’re a fan of sours, Chuck Sour will make you question all the sour cocktails you’ve had before. The possibilities are endless; go beyond the classic twists and invent your own concoctions, like the inventive Teddy Montana.

Charles Rullo is both a recent hidden gem and a delightful addition to Georgia’s alcoholic beverage scene, alongside beloved classics like Chacha. Whether you’re a bartender or a bar owner, it’s time to have a chat with your supplier to somehow acquire this exquisite spirit. Embrace the opportunity to introduce your customers to this strangely exciting phenomenon and witness its popularity soar.

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